Friskus er arbeidsmodellar og ei moderne samskapingsplattform for aktivitet og frivillighet!


Friskus is a user-friendly social network platform with a companion app for municipalities and non-profit organizations to collaborate, connect and communicate with volunteers. Local communities and citizens outside the workforce will unlock surplus resources with the help of Friskus.

  • Development of processes and ICT tools for a systematically and integrated volunteership, with focus on meaningful activities and user accomplishment
  • User-friendly app that make it easy to explore and find volunteer activities in your local community and to document, recruit and analyze the engagement
  • Sustainable health innovation with close relationships between volunteers and organizations
  • Developing the solution and solving real problems together with the end users and their day to day needs


  • The future involves a cooperation between the municipalities and private companies to solve major societal challenges
  • Societec has a strong experience in both areas, and has key partnerships with three municipalities


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